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TMJ Therapy in Eagan, MN

Oak Cliff Dental Care protects function with TMJ therapy.

Preserving the proper function of your teeth and jaws is one of our most important responsibilities at Oak Cliff Dental Care. Functional problems related to the complex system of bones, muscles, and joints in your mouth can cause incessant headaches, jaw pain, and tooth sensitivity. TMJ therapy can provide relief from these chronic conditions. The professionals at Oak Cliff Dental Care regularly evaluate the need for TMJ therapy during general dentistry appointments. To schedule your TMJ therapy visit, please call our Eagan practice today.

But what is TMJ?

TMJ disorder refers to a malfunction of the temperomandibular joints, which connect your lower jaw to your skull. Many people unconsciously grind their teeth at night (often referred to as bruxism), which can lead to TMJ disorder. If you hear popping when you open your mouth wide or if you experience migraine headaches or lockjaw, you may require therapy to alleviate these effects of TMJ disorder. If you go without, your TMJ disorder could lead to other problems with bite function. We can alleviate the crippling symptoms of TMJ disorder with dedicated therapy at Oak Cliff Dental Care.

Bruxism Appliances for TMJ Therapy

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, has the ability to seriously damage your teeth by causing wear, cracks, and chips. Since bruxism sufferers typically grind their teeth while sleeping, they may not even be aware of this destructive habit or know that they need TMJ therapy at all. If you wake up with unexplainable pain in your head and face or start to notice chipped, cracked, or super-sensitive teeth, you may be in need of our help. The Oak Cliff Dental Care staff can guard your teeth against further damage with TMJ therapy. We regularly provide this with the help of customized oral appliances, like night guards. Another step in our TMJ therapy can involve repairing existing damage to restore your smile. Call our dental office in Eagan, MN for a functional exam today so that we can relieve you of these annoying symptoms!

Please call us today if you believe that TMJ therapy would benefit you. Oak Cliff Dental Care sees patients from Farmington, Lakeville, Burnsville, Apple Valley, and other close Minnesota towns in our Eagan dental office. If your visit will be your first time receiving treatment from Oak Cliff Dental Care, we request that you please follow the instructions available on our new patient information page. Don’t hesitate to obtain the relief you need! Please contact Oak Cliff Dental Care for TMJ therapy today!