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Dental Implants in Eagan, MN

Regain your bite with dental implants from Oak Cliff Dental Care!

Do you need to replace a tooth? Would you prefer that a stable, permanent dental prosthetic takes the place of a missing tooth instead of opting for a removable solution? If your smile is in need of a secure replacement, speak with the dentists at Oak Cliff Dental Care about the benefits of dental implants! Our Eagan team is very practiced with helping patients restore their mouth’s appearance and function with dental implants, and we’re ready to assist you too! Please contact Oak Cliff Dental Care if you’d like to find out more about dental implants.

A dental implant is a small, titanium screw that acts like an artificial tooth root. An experienced oral surgeon will place a dental implant deep within the gums and into the jawbone to create a stable foundation. Over time, the dental implant will fuse with bone and gum tissue to form a solid anchor for a dental crown. Obviously, you’ll need a firm, strong jaw to maintain the place of your dental implant. We can evaluate your overall bone density during a consultation.

Once your dental implant has successfully bonded with your bone and gums, an Oak Cliff Dental Care team member can see you for the dental implant restoration. During this appointment, we can fit you for a dental crown in order to complete the process. Once your crown has been permanently attached to your dental implant, you’ll be ready to smile with confidence!

It’s important to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant because losing a tooth can change your entire bite! Once a tooth is lost, the other teeth along the gum will begin to shift inward to close the gap. This can alter the structure your teeth and leave you susceptible to problems like TMJ disorder. To prevent this from happening, dental implants create a barrier to stop your teeth from moving and to maintain your overall oral function. Not only can dental implants improve your appearance, they also keep your mouth from developing a number of other complications.

Please call Oak Cliff Dental Care to begin planning your dental implants treatment. We see patients from Lakeville, Burnsville, Farmington, Apple Valley, and nearby Minnesota towns at our Eagan practice. If your dental implants consultation will be your first time at Oak Cliff Dental Care, please take a moment to review the information on our new patient page. Our team can’t wait to restore your bite and appearance with the help of dental implants!