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Children’s Dentistry in Eagan, MN

Oak Cliff Dental Care treats little smiles during children’s dentistry visits!

Every child deserves the chance to achieve optimum oral health starting at a young age, which is why Oak Cliff Dental Care is adamant about treating your loved ones during a children’s dentistry appointment. These visits give your child an opportunity to better understand the importance of dental habits and hygiene, as well as give us the chance to maintain your child's dental health during children’s dentistry visits. Please call Oak Cliff Dental Care to schedule an examination for your little one today.

Oak Cliff Dental Care recommends that children’s dentistry appointments begin around the age of two or three. This provides enough time for most of your children’s teeth to grow in. During every appointment, and especially for an initial children’s dentistry visit, the Oak Cliff Dental Care staff will help your child feel welcomed and at ease. It’s important for children to be relaxed and free of anxiety or hesitation during a children’s dentistry exam because it can often affect how they view trips to the dentist for the rest of their lives. The warm environment of Oak Cliff Dental Care could help your child look forward to their future visits!

During a children’s dentistry exam, an Oak Cliff Dental Care team member will gently count each tooth and look for any possible areas of decay. Because children are drawn to sugary, sticky snacks, it’s not uncommon for us to find cavities and other areas of deterioration. Don’t worry! Our staff is familiar with cavity treatment for kids, and we can plan treatment with you during the children’s dentistry exam.

We try to educate every patient on dental health and hygiene habits during each examination. Children’s dentistry appointments are no exception! We’ll speak to your little one while we perform a gentle cleaning to explain the best ways to take care of teeth and gums. With our compassionate children’s dentistry care and knowledge of dental maintenance, your little one could effectively prevent tooth decay and improve their overall oral health.

Children’s dentistry care at our office also includes fluoride treatment to remineralize the strength of your child’s enamel. Additionally, if your son or daughter plays a sport, let us know! Our children’s dentistry services can include fitting your child for an athletic mouthguard to protect teeth during practices and games.

Please contact us today to plan a children’s dentistry appointment. Oak Cliff Dental Care is located in Eagan, and we see patients for children’s dentistry care from Lakeville, Farmington, Burnsville, Apple Valley, and nearby Minnesota areas. If this is your child’s first time at our practice, please review the instructions on the new patient page. The children’s dentistry team at Oak Cliff Dental Care is excited to help your little one along the path of oral wellness!